Friday, December 31, 2010

Ah... The Mystery!

So, Bonnie over at released the sixth part of the mystery quilt today.  It's obviously not finished, but it is the main part of the quilt.  I think I love it, and I would've never put pink, brown, red, and green together like this.  That's what makes her a genius, I guess.  Here's the link:

So, I'm so far behind on this guy!  I'm still back on step three, but I'll keep you all updated as I get fiished with the steps.  I know that the step that includes 600 tiny half square triangles is going to take FOREVER, so that should be a few days of blogging on it's own.

Well, I'm going to go work on the 8.5" neutral scrap squares... Whew!  Quilt five is intense!  I might work on quilt six just to mix it up a bit.  I could probably finish another quilt before I finish the 600 tiny half square triangles!

Roll Roll Cotton Boll Mystery

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  1. Don't let the numbers psych you out! The string blocks have more seams than the 600 triangles, which are really SHORT seams ;c)

    You'll find that some quilts you do just for the joy of doing them, and not everything has to be a quick "quilt in a day" project!

    Happy New Year!