Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Grand Plan.....

In my quest to make 52 quilts this year, I need to set out some ground rules. First of all, I'm giving myself one year to make 52 quilts starting from December 10th. I will have 52 different "themes" or "challenges". There may be some pattern overlap, but each quilt will focus on one theme. I'm going to make different kinds/sizes of quilts:

1 King Size
3 Queen Size
3 Full
10 Twin
17 Lap
6 Baby
1 Doll
1 Pet
1 Handbag
1 Charity
6 Wall Hangings
2 Table Runners

I've been brainstorming the 52 themes, and here's what I've come up with so far:

Charity (these usually have strict requirements)
Trip Around the World
Cheaters Applique (black yarn outlined)
Stained-glass look
Double Irish Chain
Hand Quilted
Mystery Quilt (Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll from
Harry Potter Theme
Farmer's Daughter Block
Existing panel center
Log Cabin
Logo Applique
Music Theme
Word Quilt (or "quote quilt")
Two Solids
Twist and Turn Bargello
Scrap / Crazy
Urban Asymetrical Blocks
Bordered Squares
Square in a Circle
Civil War "Double Pink"
Star Pattern
Cherry Blossom Applique
Sun Bonnet Sue
Delectable Mountain (Quilt in a Day)
Rail Fence
Crumb Pieced
Basket Weave
Four Patch and Furrows
Amish-Inspired (Bright colors, black background)
Hidden Pinwheels
Hidden Spools
A Jelly-Roll Quilt

I'm leaving six weeks open to creative inspiration... Maybe a second mystery quilt...
and... A Retrospective Quilt containing pieces of all the quilts from the year!

I will also seek guidance. I'll be talking to my Aunts (who are amazing quilters) and imparting their knowledge, I'll be visiting my local quilt shops, and I may go visit one of my friends in the Amish community... that one is still a maybe, but this year is about research and learning new quilting techniques. I really love the "Quilt in a Day" books, and, Bonnie Hunter's website. I find a lot of inspiration from these ladies, so I'm sure you'll hear a lot about them this year too...

The real purpose of all this is that I want to be a better quilter. I want to learn new things, and this seemed like a fun way to do that! I'm not a great quilter. I know that, I'm not super-precise, and I don't have a huge expensive machine, and I think that mistakes build character. So, I know that I want to find my quilting "voice", and that I really want to get better at all this.

The count-down begins!!

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