Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A great quilting day!

So yesterday I cranked out my "Logo Applique" quilt. I cannot believe I powered through to finish it! This quilt was my second attempt at this technique. My original vision had a lot more detail and had more words. Unfortunately I found that I couldn't do the quilt the way I wanted without really upping the price point, so to stay within budget for materials I went with a different plan. I made the central applique and then simply did borders on it until it was HUGE! The thing turned out to be a full size easily. The photo above is a bit of preview... you can see a bit of the logo, and some of the borders... Isn't that wizard fabric awesome?? I got it from J&O Fabrics and it's printed by Quilting Treasures. Love! More photos will be posted on boxing day, along with instructions.

While I was tying the quilt last night I had the TV on, and "Skating With the Stars" was on. Now, I love the occasional episode of "Dancing With the Stars", but I think that the Skating equivalent must lack a certain... something. Figure skating is a different type of animal. When I took my breaks from tying (my poor knees on my hardwood floor!!!) and looked up at what was happening it just seemed boring. There didn't seem to be any of the thrill of competitive figure skating, and the only accomplishments by the "stars" that seemed to be worthwhile were athletic in nature. It did not engage me.

If it did I probably wouldn't have gotten quilt number three DONE!

The fourth quilt project is a quilt that looks like it has round piecing, but it is really an applique. I call the pattern "Square in a Circle", and I found it in an issue of American Patchwork and Quilt... I'll look up the Issue #, etc... Well, I'm going to tidy the house before I get started on quilt number four... Whew!

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