Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Inspiration...

Every year I try to come up with something for my New Year's Resolution that trascends the usual "lose 10 pounds." or "eat right." One year (1998) I made all my clothes for the entire year (really, I ended up just buying less and not making as much...) Last year I didn't let a scissor touch my hair. I didn't eat meat for all of the year 2000. But what to do this year?

So, as I was sitting working on this trip around the world quilt I was hit with a brain wave... This quilt will have taken me three days to make. This is not the fastest I've ever made a bed-sized quilt. What if I endeavored to make one quilt per week for the entirety of 2011? I have been madly quilting for all of 2010, and I've been posting all those pictures on Facebook... I'm told that people enjoy seeing my quilting progress, and I've had a lot of people order quilts for loved ones because of this. It's wonderful fun, and I think that 2011 needs more WONDERFUL FUN than 2010 had.

Don't get me wrong... I had a great year in 2010, but I must confess to a bit of malaize this year. I don't know why. Nothing was "wrong"... In fact, it was a great year! I met my boyfriend (whom we shall call KBC to protect the innocent) in February, did four stellar shows out at Cornwell's Dinner Theatre, successfully completed many many quilting and knitting projects, had the privledge of living with the greatest dog on Earth, found a wonderful new apartment, had bonfires, wine, chocolate, amazing mediteranean food, karaoke, experienced art, and beauty, and music... it still felt like something was missing.

I'll confess a bit of lack of focus... like I don't have a goal. My career is in transition, and I cannot for the life of me think of a new career ambition that I really get fired up about. Perhaps this is the malaize? A lack of "fire"? Maybe, but one way to combat boredom is to challenge yourself.

Like a good friend of mine once said, "If you're bored, you're boring."

So, here we go... I may fail dismally at this goal, but I am going to make 52 quilts in 2011. Of course, it would be cheating to make 52 wall-hangings or table runners, but it would be insurmountable to make 52 king sized bed quilts... So, I have devised a system... I think it's pretty fair. I'll make a number of sizes and purposes, and each week will have a theme. For example, week one's theme is "A Trip Around the World", and other themes will be things like "Hand Quilting" or "Tying a Quilt" or "Twist and Turn Bargello". I'll post my patterns when I can, and when I can't, I'll link to them, or tell you what book they are from. In my next post I'll outline my grand plan...

So, here's to a happy and warm 2011... With 52 bits of quilted joy by the end!

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