Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Quilt One - Trip Around the World.

I've known that I was making this quilt since summer... or some version of this quilt. Let me start this story by saying the I was trying to make version of the trip around the world inspired by Bonnie's pattern on Quiltville.com ( http://quiltville.com/tatw.shtml ) but not exactly like it. First of all, I knew I wanted it to be just "trip", no borders. Second, I found this beautiful "jelly roll" (a roll of pre-cut 2.5" strips) that I thought would be perfect for my cousin Julie. This quilt was for Julie for Christmas, and the quilt you see above is a second attempt and not a thing like my original inspiration...

The first jelly rolls were pink (the picture on the right). I got it all pieced together and realized that the quilt would be incredibly tall and skinny... It'd be something like 40" wide and 120" long. I couldn't figure out anything to do with the strips of messed up quilt, and after working on that quilt for days I scrapped it and started over. I went out and bought new fabric and just started sewing like a crazy lady.

While I was stitching away in my unemployed haze, I had a thought. I would finish this quilt in just a few days. Granted, I don't have a permanent full-time job at the moment and can dedicate immense amounts of time to just quilting... but the idea of the quilt challenge happened while quilting this quilt.

I ended up screwing up a few times. For example, when working a Trip Around the World quilt that is rectangular you can't always start with the same fabric in the corners... learned that one the hard way. It's pretty tough to rip seams when you are strip piecing... lots and lots of resewing.

So, the end of the story is that I finished the quilt and got it sent off in time for Christmas, and Julie opened it with me on the phone. She seemed to like it and I hope it brings her warmth and comfort and is of good use. Much love went into it.

Here's a link to the full album:


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  1. I really really really love the quilt!!! It is perfect. The colors make me happy and it keeps me warm. As an added bonus my kids think its "girly" so it's mine... all mine. :)