Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Quilt Two - Bordered Blocks.

Quilt number two... An urban quilt on the theme of "Batman". It was a Christmas gift for my brother from my Dad and Step-mom. Making this quilt was very simple. I used six fat quarters in gray fabrics, six fat quarters in black fabrics and two yards of Batman. I cut the fat quarters into strips of random widths and then stitched the grays and blacks into panels. I cut the panels into 6.5" strips. All of the Batman fabric was cut into 3" strips. I I stitched a batman strip to a gray strip, then another batman strip, then a black strip, and so on until I ran out of fat quarter strips. I ended up with 3 black and 3 gray. I cut this giant panel into 6.5" strips and then sewed 3" Batman strips between the new strips, turning every other strip upside down to create a checker-board effect. Then one last border of Batman, and voila!! It sound complicated, but it's pretty easy to do and went together pretty quickly.

Here's the full photo album:


If you guys are interested in full instructions on this one let me know!

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