Monday, January 31, 2011

It's Official!

For the first time since I started the 52 Quilts challenge, I am as of today, officially behind. I have been working on the Mystery Quilt non-stop at rehearsal, and have made amazing progress, but it seems that I didn't have time to finish it this week. I was hoping that the extra two weeks I had from being ahead would be enough of a buffer to finish this quilt, but alas, no.

The cool thing is that I am working back stage in the dressing room because I have very little on stage time in the play. I'm doing "Shadowlands" with Provision Theatre Company, and it is very male heavy. Shadowlands is set in Oxford, and focuses on the life of then-bachelor C.S. Lewis. His friends are men, his colleagues are men, there are no women anywhere to be seen. There's only me and one other woman in the show, and she plays Joy Gresham, the woman who disrupts this environment of male bonding by challenging these men and marrying C.S. Lewis. So, I'm filling in all the incidental parts and it's fun to play so many different people (and do so many beautiful scene changes... :) )

I brought my 3/4 size Kenmore sewing machine to the theatre and it lives with me in the dressing room. The machine weighs only 12 pounds, so I can put it in a backpack and take it on the train with me. It's going to be a lifesaver this year I have a feeling...

It's been our tech week, and we have previews starting on Wednesday and open this weekend. It's not been a very progress-friendly environment... can't get quilts finished when you're in doing the "hurry up and wait" dance at work.

I think I'll get very close to being finished this week, and I might try to start another backstage friendly project this week since Roll Roll Cotton Boll is about to become a bit unwieldy.

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