Saturday, February 12, 2011

I know, I know, I know!

I can hear you!  Where is Amber, and how is her quilt progress?  Well, It's an amazing thing.  I feel like I do nothing but quilt and I am still not finished with the Mystery Quilt.  It is so close to being done, but I really want it to be perfect when I'm done.  This quilt is not conductive to shortcuts, so I have been taking my time.  I also have had some crazy mistakes to compensate for... I really think that if I had not had to cut down the Thangles that I would be absolutely finished with Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll.

I know the above photos don't look like I've made a lot of progress, but I'm doing a great Quilt as you Go method that I'm sort of making up.  I quilted all of the blocks individually to batting, and when I piece them together they will be done.  When I add the backing fabric to complete the quilt, I'll just stitch "in the ditch" around the squares to quilt the back.  I wanted thicker stitches in the front, and didn't mind if the back of the quilt was less elaborate.  We'll see if there are big consequences to this method.  If not, it may be a good option for my small amount of space.  We'll see...

I actually almost finished piecing my NEXT quilt.  My Sunbonnet Sues are all cut and ready to applique.  I'm doing a bit of extra work on the Sunbonnet Sues to make them a little bit more ornate.  Each Sue has an applique musical instrument, and I'm putting trim on all my Sues to make their dresses an bonnets pretty and dressy.  I really think that they are adorable.  After Sunbonnet Sue I 'm going to do another quick project.  Perhaps a Quilt-in-A-Day that I can dedicate an afternoon to... 

The projects that are nagging to be started right now are the recycled quilt and the T-shirt quilt.  I had an idea for the recycled qult that I think is pretty cute and will be pretty easy to make.  I have about a million Pashminas that I don't regularly wear.  I have some that I wear all the time, but somehow these others just sit in my closet.  I think I'm going to sew six of them together and make a quilt out of them.  The focus of this quilt will be on decorative stitching and I'll probably just sew three together for the top, and three for the back, put batting in the middle and quilt them together with gorgeous stitches.  It'll be a beautiful quilt.  I've also gathered some of my old t-shirts to make into a quilt.  I have a few that are old that I don't want to throw away, but I don't wear them anymore.  I also have a sweatshirt from my first play in High School in 1992 that I want to put into the quilt.  I really want it to cute and kitchy, and I'm torn as to whether I should include shirts that have a strong sentimental value with shirts that I just don't wear that are simply cute or funny.

The other quilt in the works is the Block-a-Week Mystery from the Harry Potter Paper Piecing website called the Project of Doom.  I haven't done this kind of intricate paper piecing before, so I'm waiting to be finished with Sue and the Mystery to really delve in... Even though I'm officially four weeks behind on the Project of Doom...

After Sunbonnet Sue and the Mystery are finihsed I'll be able to focus more on these upcoming projects.

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  1. I have to ask...what are you going to DO with all of those quilts? :)