Saturday, February 26, 2011

Quilt #7 - It's Over! The Mystery Quilt is finally finished!! (7 of 52)

Here it is!  After two months and thousands of tiny squares, here it is!  This quilt is beautiful and I'm so happy with it.

I've learned a lot while making this quilt.  There are quite a few techniques that I had never done before.  I've never set squares on the diagonal before.  It was harder than I thought it would be, honestly.  It's pretty straight forward, but the challenge is that you must keep track of where you are in relation to the rest of the quilt.  Each row is a parolellogram and you have to sew them in just right or it doesn't work.  With this quilt also presents the challenge of it being hard to fix your mistakes if you have to.  There's so many small pieces that if you have to rip out a seam it is likely that you'll end up undoing some of the stitches that you didn't intend to rip out. 

One of the other challenges of this quilt was that it has so many small pieces.  The border is a great example.  The squares are tiny!  And that's just a border!  I've never put a pieced border on a quilt before, and it was a fun challenge.

I did a lot of this qult backstage at "Shadowlands".  Almost all the borders were assembled during tech week, and all the main squares were assembled during rehersals.  Last night I took the quilt to the theatre and some of my cast mates got under it.  It was great.

The great part about this mystery quilt is that as I went along I had no idea what was next, and had not real objective in mind.  I approached this quilt with absolute scrappy abandon.  The fabrics I chose were based solely on color, not on content or how much I liked the fabrics.  This is the first time that I picked out fabrics that I hated to put into a quilt.  This use of "ugly" fabrics changed the way I will view fabric choice in the future.

The other great thing was the color selections.  When I read that the quilt would be green, pink, brown, red, and neutral I thought that I would'nt like the color combination.  I didn't think there was any way to put those colors together in a pleasing way, but I trusted the designer.  I realize now that the red/pink/brown was like shading in one color.  The red is central, and the pink is the light version and the brown the dark version.  It creates dimension in the quilt.  I don't look at the finished product and see "red, green, pink, and brown"  I see shading and dimension.  I love this about the quilt, and I will use this in the future.

The elephant in the room is... this quilt put me behind in my quest to create 52 quilts in 2011.  Since this is one of the first projects that I undertook I think I'll have plenty of time to make up for RRCB taking so long.  The flip side of that optomism is that I probably won't be able to do many more projects of such scope during my year.  Honestly... all those tiny squares!  It'll be a few months before I do that again.

I think that I learned a lot making this quilt, which after all is my objective this year.  And I accomplished a king size quilt that is very intricate already in my year.  It's only February!

I'm so happy with the quilt, and so happy that I did "Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll".  If you want to make this quilt, or you want some free quilting patterns go to .  Bonnie Hunter is a great designer, and I love her comentary through her blog.  It's fun to visit.

If you want to see the full photo album of Roll Roll Cotton Boll click here:

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