Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Mystery Quilt Progress...

Tonight "Shadowlands" opens, and tonight I start stitching a new quilt backstage. I have finished piecing together all of the different units for the quilt, and now just need to quilt those pieces, put the top together, put on some backing, and bind it. I'm excited about the quilt being nearly finished, but it's time to start a new project. I decided to do another quilt on my list, and one that would go together pretty quickly. It's time for my Quilt-in-a-Day version of Sun Bonnet Sue (Elanor Burns writes the Quilt in a Day patters and she is a time-saving GENIUS!)

Sunbonnet Sue is a pretty recognizable quilt block, but for those of you who don't know her yet, here's a photo of a typical Sunbonnet Sue:

The pattern I'm using for my Sue Quitl is so smart... It'll go together in a snap.  It'll be a lap size quilt featuring 12 sues. 

I've got fabrics selected and cannot wait to get started!

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