Saturday, February 26, 2011

So many quilts...

I am working on three quilts at once.

I'm trying to put work in when I have a few minutes here or there, and each of my three quilts reflects my desire to quilt whenever I can.

I'm working on an embroidered quilt.  This one will take me awhile, but I'm not expecting to finish it any time soon.

The purpose of this embroidery project is to give me something quilt-related to do when I'm not near the sewing machine.  I've made some progress on this embroidery lately with train rides to Michigan to do costumes for Cornwell's Dinner Theatre, and plane rides to South Dakota to see my Grandmother in the last few weeks.  I like having a quilting project that fits in my purse.

I'm also working on Harry Potter Paper Piecing's "Project of Doom."  This is ther perfect backstage project.

I have a lot of backstage time during "Shadowlands" because I play a lot of peripheral characters.  This block is Week One of the project.  It's a chrystal ball and three books.  I get to put titles on my books as I go, and each week is a different set of books and another magical object.  I don't know how it'll all go together, but I'll know in five months or so.  The mystery project lasts 30 weeks with one block per week.  The great thing about these blocks is that most of them aren't too complicated to stitch between scenes.  I got this block done last night.  I also don't have to carry massive quantities of fabric around to complete a block.  I love it. 

The third quilt is almost finished.  It's my Sunbonnet Sue Orchestra.

I still have to put borders on it and quilt it, but it's nearly finished!  I made most of this quilt at home, but did a lot of the piecing backstage at "Shadowlands".  It was an easy project to carry, but I made it more in the standard way at home in my sewing room.

It feels good to be making so much progress on so many quilts, and I really feel like the 52 quilt goal is achievable eventhough the mystery took so long to complete. 

My next projects should be fun.  I'm going to quilt a pair of shoes.  That's right.  Shoes.  I'm also going to make a quilted handbag. 

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  1. Yay for progress! I can't wait to watch the Harry Potter one develop :)