Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chamberlaine Quilt Shop

When driving across the interminable flat snowy expanse of the Dakotas it is necessary to stop and treat yourself.  With this in mind, as I was recently driving down Highway 90 I saw a billboard for The Chamberlaine Quilt Shop.  I knew I had to stop.

When I drove up I saw their colorful sign, and a shop that looked like I was arriving at someone's house for a social call.  It's got a homey feel and was charming from the start.

The best best best part of the visit was who greeted me at the door!

I was so excited to see a puppy and have some much-needed puppy time.  I hadn't seen Oxford in four days, so a little bit of puppy happiness was due.

So, the Chamberlaine Quilt Shop was lovely, with a huge selection.  I had to get something, and I knew that my next quilt would be a small quilted craft project.  I looked around until I found the perfect thing.  I found a quilt pattern for a pair of ballet slippers.  They are so cute!

Here's some pics of the shop:

The staff was super-helpful and they were very friendly.  I'd reccomend visting, and next time I drive through I'll definitely be stopping by.  I couldn't believe their selection!!

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