Saturday, March 19, 2011

Quilt #14 - I love Lucy Checkerboard.

Ok, again, they can't all be victories.  Why is it that when I set out to do something that I think will be very simple it ends up being a big problem.

So, for the lucy quilt I wanted to make something fluffy and simple.  No quilting stitches, just a plain old tied quilt with polyester batting.  I tried to do an enormous checkerboard, and to begin with, I think the patches were too small for the business of the pattern.  To add to that, There were a few times in the cutting where it got slightly off... and a few times being slightly off means big troubles in the end...  So, my backing fabric was too small on one side and I had to add more to it.  When I started sewing around the outside edge to turn it, I realized that it wasn't just the dimensions... it was as if the top and the back were two different shapes!  How did my quilt top end up being a RHOMBUS or some such nonsense??!! 

I did finish it.  I do sleep under it when it's chilly outside, but this is not my best work.  Lessons Learned:  It is very difficult to be both fast and precise. 

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