Friday, February 25, 2011

Quilt #11 - Prairie Points Candlemat

I love this little guy.  Not only was it a small challenge, it is gorgeous, and matches my red glass lamp perfectly.  I know it has a bit of Christmas flair to it, but I think I'll have it out all year long.

So the new technique I used in this quilt was "prairie points."  Prairie points are basically folded triangles that are used as decoration.  They are those triangles in the middle section of the quilt that make the star shape appear in the pine/cream fabric in the middle. Prairie Points can be used as an applique like I did, or as a great "ruffle" on the edge of a quilt.  If you want to learn more about making and using prairie points in your quilting, here's a link!:

Full album for the Prairie Points Candle Mat: 

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