Saturday, October 22, 2011

Yard Sale Finds!!!

I found these two vintage pieces at a yard sale, and bought them for $5 a piece!  Both are hand made.  The first is a polyester 50's Grandmother's Flower Garden that is bigger than the square footage of my apartment.  It is HUGE!  Take a look...

The second vintage piece is all scraps.  It's made of small scrap bits from other projects, bits of old clothes, and old aprons.  The former owner of the quilts said that this one came from a house in his home town in Indiana.  The maker of the quilt had just passed, and was over 100 years old.  This one has some restoration work that needs to be done, but it'll be fun.

Quilt #34 - A Musical Log Cabin

So... a few weeks ago while JoAnn's was having a sale, I bought a few fat quarter bundles, and one of them was this teal and brown mix.  I knew I could do a small log cabin, and when I was looking through my fabric stash I thought that the small amount of black and gold treble clef fabric would be just the thing for my neutral fabric.  I had no idea that it would be such a BUSY MESS! AHHH!  Despite the dizzying busy insanity.... I really like how it turned out.  It's almost impressionist.  And it's very dark.  Again, I backed this one in fleece without any batting.  This is my favorite new method for finishing a quilt.  It's fast, it sews beautifully, it's a little bit grippy so it's easy to quilt, and it's a very snuggly result.  This quilt is very small.  I'd say that it's a bit smaller than crib size.  It's a nice deocrative throw...

Quilt #32 - Bricks and Blocks - Another Experiment in Color

For this one, I wanted to try using this easy but fun pattern.  There's a certain amount of abandon with this kind of quilt pattern.  I wasn't sure which colors would end up next to eachother, and I have NEVER used a lavendar background fabric.  I cut strips at 2.5", and strips at 4.5", and then cut rectangles out of those.  I had some purple flannel scrap, so I used that as the border, and backed the whole thing in purple fleece without any batting.  I really like the result, and so does Oxford.

Quilt #31 - Building Blocks Quilt

I made this quilt usign this pattern:

It's very easy, and was pretty funny.  This one was a big experiment in color.  I picked up a bundle of fat quarters at JoAnn's because they were 50% off.  I wouldn't have normally picked these colors for a quilt, but I wanted to branch out.  I also had some fabric that was a teal background with very colorful shoes in the foreground... I have been trying to find a place for this fabric for a while, and this seemed the perfect opportunity.  The quilt is throw size, and is lovely for sitting in my ikea chair and watching BBC miniseries on Netflix....

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Quilt #33 - Large Scale Rail Fence

I forgot about a quilt!  How could I do that?  We went to a wedding at the beginning of the summer, and I made a quilt for the wedding present.  Here's the photos.  It was simple and quick, but certainly counts!  Here's the photos!  The colors and fabrics were picked out by Kev, and I backed it in flannel and pulled the backing forward to bind it.  It made the edges fuzzy and snuggly!

Quilts 31 & 32 - Experimenting with color.

Here's the two I'm working on currently.  I'm working with bright colors. 

The nine-patch quilt is pretty fun... I think I'm going to put this teal shoe fabric as the outer border.

The other quilt is a huge departure for me.  I haven't ever used lavender as a background fabric, especially with such bright colored squares.  I thought I'd hate it, but as I am working on it, I think the experiment is really paying off... I like it.

Quilt #30 - Free-hand letter applique

Here's a crate pad I made for Oxford.  It's super soft and fluffy on the back, and on the front it has his name appliqued in paw print material.  In hind-sight, I th paw prints are a bit busy to be readable, but it is a quilt for my dog... Not a huge deal.  I also appliqued a heart above his name.  It should be warm for him for the winter months and something fun to carry around.