Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Harry Potter Paper Piecing Quilt Progress

I know some of you have been waiting for an update on my Harry Potter Quilt.  Well, here we go. 

I had been working on this quilt since the spring, and each week the quilt squares for this mystery got harder and harder.  It became difficult for me to keep up with the weeks and do my other projects at the same time, so I would work on a square when I had time.

When I got to the square with the owl on it, the new mystery became, "How long am I going to continue making these squares?"  because I realized that the paper piecing process is not really my "thing".  I do like the results, and it's fun while you are doing it, but I couldn't have this quilt hanging over my head anymore.  It took me two hours to do a square that was just rectangles, and I decided that I was finished.  Where every I was, was where I was stopping, so here is where we are now.  I made it through 10 of the 30 squares for the quilt, so I am modifying the pattern to make a smaller quilt.  There are my results so far, and i really like it...

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