Saturday, November 5, 2011

Quilt #35 and #36 - Quilted blanket-style dog poncho

I whipped up these two dog jackets free hand, based loosely on a jacket that Oxford already has.  I really enjoyed the process of making them, but really it was an experiment in quilting two fabrics without any batting in between. 

You might remember my quilting adventure with the Pashminas.  It started out great, and I thought I had finished them, but the layers were too squirelly.  I couldn't lay under the quilt becuase the layers would slip and slide on eachother.  I decided to put in more quilting stitches, and the squirellyness got even worse... I ended up with huge pucked sections on one side and tightly strained fabric on the other.  Not good. 

As you can see, even the edges wouldn't lay right, and once I started trying to put more reinforcements in, it got messier...

As I was thinking about the pashmina mess, and then about my success with layering fleece and with my quilt tops to back them, I realized it was all about fiber content and what you are choosing to layer.  So I thought, "What is a project that I could quilt that would require a very light, non-constricting weight?"  Voila!  Dog poncho. 

Oxford can't have too many layers or he won't be comfy, and the whole point would be to keep him comfy.

I tried two different fiber contents.  One was a regular cotton fabric (with motorcycles on it) layered with flannel, and the other is two layers of flannel.  They both quilted up beautifully.  In fact, you can hardly see the stitches on the cotton/flannel combo.

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