Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Quilt #43 - A Quilted Dog Collar

I recently got a few pattern books for crafty items you can make for your dog.

When I first got Oxford, I was astounded that there weren't more practical apparell items for a dog his size.  We live in Chicago, so winters here are brutal.  The wind is intense for a small short-haired dog, it's very cold for a small breed, and the salt that they use to keep the sidewalks ice-free is very very hard on dog's feet.  The very first thing that I wanted Oxford to have was a reflective harness or collar so that he can be seen at night on walks.  I could find no such item. 

I ordered a few pattern books thinking that I could find a pattern and add reflective items to them, and this collar is my first attempt at actaully tackling one.

I found a plastic clip with a large red reflector on it, and used a black cotton (instead of nylon) webbing for the main part.  To make it more comfy than a conventional collar I put a wool felt on the inside.

The quilted bit is a couple dozen small quilt squares that I quilted to the top of the collar.  The end result is cute, but most importantly, it is practical and increases Oxford's visibility.

I had enough webbing and quilt squares left over that I made a matching leash.  It's not pictured, but it's primary features are that it has a "D-ring" on it to clip the poop-bag holder to and a big loop on the end so that I can put the leash around my elbow in case I need to use my hands while we are out on a walk.

The next item I'm attempting from this series is a soft dog harness.  After that (and I know that I have the disapproval of my friend Jeremy because "dogs shouldn't wear clothes") I'm going to make Oxford a winter snow-suit-type-deal that will keep him warm enough during winter walks, but will also protect his feet, haunches, and tummy from the sidewalk salt.

I know these photos aren't the greatest, but all the process photos were lost due to my camera snafu. 

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