Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thangles Again... Naturally

Mom got me this pattern kit for an orion's star using thangles, and I am making this quilt now.  It is taking forever, and I hope that I have it done by the December 22nd deadline.

As you may recall, my last attempt at Thangles was not very successful... I purcased the wrong size, so I ended up having to cut all 600 Half Square Triangles down by .5" on each side.  It was awful.  I decided to give thangles another chance, and here we are.

I know I'm going to be thrilled with the end result, but the process right now is so tedious and monotonous that I'm slowly going crazy... I've been mixing it up with other small projects to keep myself sane, and it helps, but I seems to take longer to get the thangles done this way.  The paper stack of Thangles looks just as big as it did when I started...

I know that I will love this quilt and that my HST's will be GORGEOUS, so it'll be worth it, and maybe I'll end up loving thangles.  We'll see.

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