Sunday, December 11, 2011

Progress on the 52 Quilts Project.

My deadline is approaching so quickly!  I have given myself until the 22nd of December to get all of these quilts done, and it's going great!  The musical thangles quilt is coming along....

All the hst's are cut out, and I am making progress on the blocks.  I have been chain piecing, which has saved some time, but the crazy part about this quilt is that the blocks are massive, but complex.  The picture above is 3/4 of one block.  There are 20 blocks in the quilt.  Each 1/4 of the block is 8 hst's and two solid squares.  Each of them have to be pieced in an exact order or the star doesn't turn out.  This means that I actaully have to PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to every bit of sewing I'm doing.  Not a great choice for the end of my deadline...

The other interesting bit is that many of the remaining quilts are CHRISTMAS PRESENTS.  I cannot post photos until I have finished them.  I made a set of miniatures for a someone that are gifts and won't get posted.  I've got one for K.C. that's almost finished, but I'm nt posting photos of it until it's after Christmas.  I've made a quilt for my Mom that I'm not posting until after Christmas.  So, that's three quilts that you definitely will not see posted photos of until after the holiday.

The other projects are:

2 quilted chenille scarves (pattern from AP&Q)
A tree skirt (applique pattern by me)
The Musical Thangle Quilt (the red and white masterpiece above)

I know I'll finish the project, I just wish I could post photos about it all, but I don't want to ruin the surprise for anyone.  It's such a huge part of the fun of giving for me and hopefully part of the fun of recieving for others.

If I have time before the end of the year (and the start of next year's resolution) I'm going to put together a slideshow of all 52 projects.

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