Sunday, December 11, 2011

Quilt #45 - Stack and Wack Crazy Quilt

This is a super simple technique that I read about and had to try.  The technique, as far as I could tell, is called "stack the deck".  You make a random cut, then shuffle your stack of fat quarters.  Then make another cut and do the same thing.  I decided to try this out in a super simple and fast way.  I only made two cuts to make nine crazy rectangular four-patches.  I like the results, and I'll try this technique again in the future.  I tied the quilt using burgundy embroidery floss (it's what I had on hand! :)  ), and backed it with one of my favorite "cheater quilt" fabrics (a fabric that looks like a hexagon charm quilt).  The whole project just took some extra time on a rqndom quilting night.  The cutting I did on my way out the door one night.  The piecing of the top I did when I got tired of another quilt that I'm working on.  The quilting I did during "Modern Family".  Done!  Very simple, and a fun result!  This one definitely goes on the "do again" list!

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