Friday, December 23, 2011

Quilt #51 - Art Quilt Batik

Ok.  Here the troubles began.

I had my last two quilts almost finished.  I was working on top-stitching on this one, and all I had to do was a bit of free-motion quilting on the last one.  They were both pieced and constructed.  They were both a few hours from being finished, and I had one day until my deadline.

I was quiling away using my free-motion foot, and all was well... and then the open-toe foot stopped bobbing.  The machine was still stitching.  Everything was in order, but the foot was not bobbing up and down.  I looked at the clock:  8:45pm.  Not enough time to get to the only shop in town that stocks parts for my machine (the Joann's on Elston in Riverfront Plaza (by the Target, and the Petsmart, and the big movie theatre, and that crazy good bbq place) has a Viking Shop in it).  I don't have a 'walking foot' for the machine, so straight stitching on quilt 52 was going to be a impossible, and it wasn't an option on this one. 

I called it a night.

I knew it was goign to be a stretch to get all that work done in one night, but it was my only option.  I went to work the next day, and I decided to run down to Joann's to get the foot for the machine (if I could afford it! Argh!) and then run home to do the quilting...  The part was cheaper than I though it would be, and I had a gift card!  Pow!  Done!  Obstacle:  Overcome!

Once I got home I started baking some Cajun Chicken, made some curried okra and rice, and sat at my machine with "It's a Wonderful Life" playing in the background.  I had four uniterrupted hours to finish before it became December 23rd.  I had maybe 45 minutes of work to do on this quilt, and a couple hours of quilting on quilt 52!  I was going to make it!

I started stitching...  And I am not exagerating, kidding, or being dramatic... I made FIVE STITCHES and


I had tripped a breaker.  Apparrently you can't run a toaster oven, a microwave, an Xbox, a 32" television, an iron, and a sewing machine on the same circuit without tripping a breaker... STUPID CAJUN CHICKEN!

I got my keys, and exited my apartment to find the box.  The door that it was behind had a COMBINATION LOCK on it.  WHY!!??  To p*## me off.  That's why.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!??

I call my landlord.  No answer.

I call the emergency line.  They take the info, and tell me to wait for their call.

An hour later I call back.  The emergency service cannot get the guy on the phone who is supposed to be on call 24 hours to come fix problems with the building.  He is AWOL. 


I sit in my dark apartment... and I make a decision.  Well, honestly the first thing I did was take the food out of all the appliances and put it in the freezer to keep it cold until the power came back on.... the, I made a decision.

If the power came back on, I would quilt.  If it didn't, then I would have to finish the 52 quilts project exacly 1 day late.  And I would have to be okay with that.  There was nothing I could do, except maybe take all my quitling accoutrments to Starbucks and use one of their outlets...  I think they frown on that kind of thing...

I didn't get power back until December 23rd at 9:45am.  I took my quilting at a liesurely pace and finished this one in a little bit under an hour (and enjoyed a lovely cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee...).

This quilt is a departure from any quilt I've ever done.  My inspiration was the fabric alone.  I just made it based on the tone of the fabric and the sort of shapes that occured to me from that source.  I don't do this enough.  This quilt is a step in that direction.  A side note:  I really love art quilting.  I hope to do it more in 2012 than I did in 2011...

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