Friday, December 23, 2011

Quilt #52 - A Memory Quilt

This memory quilt is another lesson learned.  If you read about the saga of quilt 51, you will appreciate this one as well.

This quilt is a Christmas gift for my mother.  I wanted to make her something sentimental, and personal, and enduring.  In my desire to make it perfect, I messed it up.

I love my technique of backing a quilt in fleece.  It's a snuggly result that is flattering as well.  I laid out my fleece and noticed it has some stretch to it.  It would take some aggressive basting to make it work.

I started pinning from the middle and did everything "right".  The big problem came when I was finally able to quilt it.  I wanted to border each square in quilting stitches, but because I wasn't fully quilting the whole top I had  a problem.  The backing stretched out when I quilted it, so there ended up being huge ripples in the back, and I didn't discover these ripples until my bobbin thread ran out.  I was a disaster.  I tried a bunch of techniques to fix it, but there was nothing for it but to take the backing off and start again.

Here are the photos of the Memory quilt from start to finish:

This is one of the big lessons that I learned in the 52 quilts project.  Sometimes there is no substitute for time.  There are time-savers.  There are short-cuts.  There are ways to make something fast, but sometimes the real road to the finish line is not always the fastest path.  It's very true for quilting.  I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to finishing the musical thangles quilt without a deadline... It deserves to have some time spent on making it right.  Just like the memory quilt deserves the same thing.

I succeeded in making 52 quilts this year.  Many of them were small.  Many of them were ambitious.  Some of them were absolute failures.  All of them were one of a kind.  I learned a lot of new techniques.  I think I became a better quilter.  I did what I set out to do in 2011.  On to the next quilt!

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