Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Week 2 Recap

Half Marathon:

Week TWO!  We're at 90 seconds of running, 2 minutes of walking alternating... I had my first tough run last night.  It was sooooo COLD!  My muscles were aching... I didn't have time to run in the morning, so I had to do my training when I got off work in the evening.  It was 8:30pm by the time I hit the road.  Whew!  It was 15 degrees (felt like 0).  I was exhausted from an 8 hour work day, and it was really difficult to motivate myself out the door.  I just thought, "If you don't go now, this is where it will start to be ok for you to fail at this."  So, I put on some LMFAO "Sexy and I Know It" and hit the ROAD!

It's a bit tougher, but I'm averaging 2.4 miles of walk/running in 31 minutes.  That's That's not too far from the ultimate goal of maintaining a 13 minute mile long term ... for 13.1 straight miles... WHEW!

I tested some of the new running songs on my Spotify playlist, which is awesome.  Some were too slow and have been ELIMINATED!

I've also been doing a ton of research.  Subscribed to Runner's World for the Nook, and love reading people's stories and creative ideas (especially after a run like last night while in the bathtub).

Summary:  It was a little bit tougher this week, and it made me realize that it's going to be tough to find time in July and August when I am training 6 days per week for an hour or more...  We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.  Right now, the running is getting harder, but it feels great to get out there and up the ante a bit every week.  Next week we will be up to 90 seconds of running/90 seconds of walking. HALF AND HALF... There's no going back from here...


I've done some quilting, this week on Kevin's 3D maze, and I'm so excited our February Jelly Roll should be coming in the mail next week!!  Maybe for next week's entry I'll have photos!! :)

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