Thursday, January 24, 2013

Week 3 Recap!

So, my weeks start on Wednesday, and I have found that Wednesdays are the hardest days of the week.  By the end of the week, I can't believe that I had trouble on the first day... but it is tough those first days.

Every Wednesday my training program steps up a bit.  Usually the workout is consistent for all three days, and every third week is a little bit easier... Yeah.  My experience so far is that I feel great after, but I still have a tiny struggle on the first workout of the week.  It's actually kind of cool that the human body adapts to the stamina requirements of this gradual increase.

My pace is also quicker.  I can't say that I'm covering much more ground, but my feet are moving faster.  Maybe it's the colder weather?  Maybe I'm becoming awesome?? :)

I'm using Spotify for my workout mix, and it's awesome.  You can make playlists with it and access them on your phone or ipod or whatever.  I have my music and my training program running at the same time and it's great.

In quilt news:

Here is my first quilt in the project of 12 Jelly Roll quilts this year:

Oxford likes it!  This was done with the 1600 Race "pattern".  You just sew all the strips in a jelly roll together into a big long strip, and then sew the strips together the long way, cut, open and do it again.... until it's a quilt top!!

So easy!

This jelly roll came from Kevin's parents for christmas.  I love the colors, and I haven't really worked with batiks that much, but I love the way this came out.  With that in mind, I got this jelly roll for a penny (yup!  for $.01) on super clearance at the Hancock Fabrics which is closing :(.

These will be a railfence quilt... This roll was a good deal, but not technically from the Jelly Roll of the month club... but I'll count it (December is so busy!!)

Meanwhile:  Look what came in the mail!  Our first official Jelly Roll!  I'll open it once the rail fence is finished!

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