Thursday, January 10, 2013

Week One Recap!

Resolution #1:

Half Marathon Training!

At the end of week one, I have to say that this might just be achievable!  My training schedule differs from every other running training that I've ever done.  I'm running and walking, with plenty of rest.  I'm doing around 6 miles per week right now, and resting every other day.  It feels like I can do more, and I'm really increasing my endurance. 

Each week I add a little more running, and do a little less walking, or I go further.  I am training right now for three days a week, and I'll increase that to four after the 5k race in March.

Right now we are training for the Wacky 5k on Sunday March 3rd:

Can't wait for my first race!

Resolution #2:

I have completed my first Jelly Roll Quilt!!

Kevin's mom and dad got me a great jelly roll of batik fabrics, and it inspired this resolution!!  Thanks guys!

I did a quilt call the "Jelly Roll Race".  Fitting... It's a racing theme this year, after all!

I started this quilt, and the quilt top was done in 1 and a half episodes of Doctor Who, and I had it completely quilted in two more episodes!  DONE!

I'll get a pic up ASAP!!

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