Saturday, February 2, 2013

Week Four Recap.

Wow.  One month in.  As I enter February, I am thinking about how much I've learned in the last four weeks, and how much progress I've actually made.

Week four started out tough (like all Wednesdays on this program).  Somehow, I was covering less distance while running more than I had been walking more and running less.  How is this possible?  Fatigue?  Am I getting slower?  ARGH!

It was a tough week for that reason.  I kept on going, but I felt like I was making no progress... not getting any faster, in fact getting slower.  And the weather was crazy.  Warm, raining, freezing, sheets of ice on the road...  I wonder what the weather will be like on Race Day for the Wacky 5k...

I finished my book "Half Marathon:  You Can do It".   It's a book by Galloway, and it advocates the Run/Walk method.  On the flip side I read a lot of criticism of slow runners.  Some elite runners don't think that slow runners should be allowed to run marathons.

Here's one of the articles:
NY Times - "Plodders Have a Place, but is it in a Marathon?"

I have to say, beginners run slower, and every runner was once a beginner.  There are marathons for fast runners, and there are marathons that recreational runners can participate in.  I would never even QUALIFY for the Boston Marathon, and I am just working toward my half marathon goal.  It's something I've always wanted to do, and I feel like it takes strength to put it out there.  It takes courage to try, and denying beginners entry is wrong.  Let the elite runners run in the tougher more prestigious races, but if the race officials decided that you don't need to qualify to run a race, then the elite runners should just be prepared for there to be slower runners behind them (or in my case FAAAAAR behind them).  Why would they even look behind them anyway?

On the quilting front:  I have sewed my strips from Jelly Roll #1 into one long strip of four.  I'm cutting these into squares to make a rail fence quilt.  Pictures to come!! :)

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