Monday, March 25, 2013


On my run on Saturday I was running down the Lakeshore Dr running trail, and I noticed something.  I was getting passed by runners who were matching my cadence, or worse had a slower cadence than I did.  WHAT?!  I know I'm a slow runner, but I was out there pushing hard.  As I looked at different runners, it looked like most of them were not using as much energy to propel themselves forward as I was.  I also noticed that most of them seemed to land on their foot with perfect alignment with the rest of their body, and then sort of kicking back.  How do they do this?

Take a look at this video of some runners.  You can tell the difference between the ones who are over-striding, and those who have proper alignment.

I have done some research on this, and there are a lot of videos of people running like I run, and then learning to run more efficiently.  There are drills, training techniques, books, etc...  Do I need a running coach?

Here's what happens to me:  I extend my foot in front of me, I pull my weight over the foot, and then over-extend again and pull my weight over the foot.  I move across the ground without using my momentum as well as I could.

Now, these other runners.  They looked like they were skittering across the surface of the Earth by lightly landing on the foot and their momentum and gravity kept them moving forward.

Skimming the surface... Flying...  I NEED TO LEARN THIS.

More on this to come

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