Sunday, March 24, 2013

Week 11 Recap! WEEK 11!

Hello dear readers...

So, week 11...  I was in Chicago for all of my training this week, and it was sublime to be back in my home turf!  

Running in Omaha was tough.  Very tough.  It is ever-so-slightly hilly.  Constantly.  I was always running on a slight incline or decline.  I had trouble finishing training sessions a few times.  I was actually tempted to re-do week 10 of training because of my lack of success.  

Day 1 had it's own challenges.  Usually I put in my headphones, start Spotify, and dance around while I get dressed/psyched.  Then I start the training program (it takes a couple of minutes to load), and head out the door.  I hit "start" on my GPS watch and start walking.  

On this run, I did all of this, and I waited outside for my GPS to find satellites.  It didn't, but I started my warm-up anyway.  It usually will find a satellite signal in the first few blocks.  NOPE!  I ran my first mile.  No signal.  Second mile goes by... nothing.  I approached the furthest I've ever run and realized that I'd be setting a distance pr and wouldn't have a gps of it... and at that point I gave up.  I'd still have the completed work out on the app...

And then my phone beeped that it was nearly out of battery.  ARGH!

I quickly checked how much time I had left and roughly judged the rest of my run based on the time on my watch.  My technology completely failed me.  No gps, no app, no music at the end...

I finished the workout and when I got home I checked my mileage the old-fashioned way and google mapped it.  5 miles.  Distance PR!  Woo hoo!!  No proof.  Booo!

Days 2 and 3 I surpassed my 5 miles, and the technology didn't give out on me.  Day 2 was easy and fun and I covered 5.45 miles.  Day 3 was laborious... and runners with the same cadence as me were passing me left and right!  Gotta work on that!  Went 5 miles day 3.

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