Monday, March 11, 2013

Week Nine Recap! First race!

I'm really getting behind on my quilts... :)

Week Nine actually lasted a week and a half!  I didn't want to do two long training runs the week of my race, so week nine was LOOOOOOOOOOOONG!

I had a great first race of the season!!  The Wacky 5k at the Peggy Noetbart Nature Museum was a blast!  I came in at 36:15, which was slightly better than my goal.

 I know that my 11:30 mile is kind of slow, but I took it easy and had fun.  When we got done, I wasn't winded or tired at all.  I probably could've pushed myself a little bit more.  I ran the whole thing, and didn't really get passed that much.  It was a great day to race.

  Week 9, Day 1:

Pre 5k Easy Run:

The Wacky 5k!!:

One of the fun things about the garmin is that I remember different things from the race when I look at the data.  For instance, there's a dip in pace at about 0:5:17 where I had to stop to tie my shoe.

I had such a great time, and Kevin was there to support me.  We had fun pre-race and went for a short walk around the museum.  Kevin is so supportive in all of my endeavors, but it still surprises me that he would want to sit around and wait for 40 minutes for me to run around in the snow and ice. 

Had a great time, and cannot wait for the zombie 5k in May!!

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