Monday, April 22, 2013

Maintaining the 10k (Week 15)

I graduated the Couch to 10k Program!!  Wow.

Monday of last week was the big 6.2 mile run.  Obviously, this isn't my 10k race (that doesn't happen until May 26th), but since it's what the training schedule said to do, that is what I attempted.


I decided to jog down Clark for a bit of a change of pace, and then head back up Broadway.  Well... a version of that happened.

I knew that my phone wouldn't stay charged if I played music for the whole run, so I decided to save it until I was on my way back.  I really got "in the zone" and ignored street signs... and when I looked up I was at IRVING PARK ROAD.  I had gone 3.7 miles from home.  I turned down Irving Park, took Sheridan, then Broadway north... and then the pouring rain started.

I was freezing and wet and I looked down at my watch and my GPS had lost signal.  The signal stayed lost for a full mile.  At one point I thought about stopping running, but I figured the fastest way to get home was to just keep running.

Even with losing the GPS signal, I ran 6.2 miles.  I did it in 1:20:00, so that's my goal to beat at the 10k in May.

Here's the map (if you play it back, you can tell where I lost my GPS signal... it's where I leapt a mile in less than a second...)

For run number 2 on Thursday, I decided to do 3 miles fast.  I covered a 5k in 31:58.  This is a huge huge improvement from my previous best 5k time of 36:40.  We'll see if I can do it in under 31:00 for the Rave Run... (or I could just try to have fun and not worry about my pace... haven't decided... :)  )  I sprinted the last quarter mile.  It was invigorating, but difficult.

Here's the map:

Unfortunately on Friday I was going to do an easy 2 miles and it did not go well.  It was difficult, and I was SLOW.  12:00 to 13:00 miles, and exhausted.  I couldn't make my feet move.  Must find the through-line for these difficult runs.... Stretching, hydration, too much chocolate?

Now, I just need to maintain my 6.2 miles for the 10k in May.

In other fun news, I have a fun run 5k on Saturday.  The Rave Run is at night, in the dark, with light shows, music, and glow gear.  Can't wait.  It should be fun to run this one.

As a retrospective, I have to say that following the Couch to 10k program (I used the one from ZenLabs) was easy and fun and I never felt like I was injuring myself, but it was just hard enough.  I can't believe how far I can go now, and I am super impressed with the program and very happy with my results.

It is amazing to me that on January 1 I started on this journey and I had trouble running a mile straight, and this week I ran seven miles without stopping.  Once we finish the 10k, I'm going to start the half marathon training program that will carry me the last 13 weeks to the half marathon on August 10th.  The goal seems achievable, and I'm having a great time on the road to 13.1.

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