Monday, April 15, 2013


So, it is official.

The Zombie Shuffle 5k has been cancelled.  I am sad that I won't be dressing like a zombie killer and running 3 miles, but it might be for the best...  The race was one week before the big 10k in Arlington Heights, so I was worried about recovery days while preparing for a race... That is no longer an issue!  :)

So, the great folks over at Special Events Management have given me a great option...

They are allowing folks to transfer their registration from the Zombie Shuffle over to the Crypt 5k at Rosehill Cemetery in the Fall!!  This is a nighttime 5k in a graveyard in September!  I am very excited!

Event Website:

This will also be a race to look forward to after the big half marathon!  Very excited!

But what do I do now?  I wanted another 5k to help me get geared up...

Here's the solution!  I'm running the Chicago Rave Run.  This is another nighttime event with a light show, music, and glow-y gear!!!

Event Website:

So, yet another excuse to put on a tutu and run 3 miles!!  What a great day!!

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