Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Salute, Inc "Got Freedom?" 10k Race Recap!

The Salute Inc "Got Freedom?" 10k race was on Sunday out in Arlington Heights, IL.  It was a great race, and very well put together.  Kevin and I got up at 6am so that we could leave his apartment by 6:30.  It's about a 45 minute trip, and we learned the hard way that parking can be difficult at these events.  We actually got up on time and hit the road with enough time to spare so that I could get my cup of coffee at 7eleven.

We made great time, and as we pulled up to The Miner School (the race's starting point) there were already people lined up and "Start Me Up" blasting out of giant speakers (thrilling the neighbors, I'm sure...)  We got there by 7:30 and I warmed up a bit.  By far the best part of the pre-race festivities was the BAGPIPERS!

Pre-race it was a little bit chilly, but I prefer running in the cold.  It was a big blessing for this race.
The tiny hat!

Lucky Number 821!

The Start Line

As the race was getting geared up to start there were a few speakers.  There were a few disabled veterans running in the event (which was inspiring), and a few others that were recognized.  The National Anthem was sung, and the gun was fired and we were OFF!

I found it was pretty easy for me to find and keep my pace.  I maintained a pretty easy 11:40 mile the whole time.

Around mile 4, it started to get toasty, so I made a brief stop for a wardrobe change.  I switched my number from my hoodie to the tank top underneath, and kept on going.  Lesson learned:  put your race number on your BOTTOM LAYER.  I lost about 2 minutes to fumbling with safety pins.

The one tough part was that there were a few hills in the last third of the race.  The first 2/3, no hills, but just as I was starting to feel a little bit fatigued, hills.

Around mile five it did get a little bit tougher to keep going, but not "I'm going to quit."tough.  Just tough. I had my good running mix on and then I rounded a corner, and I saw KEVIN waiting at one of the intersections for me!  It was amazing to see him and have someone cheering me on.  It really gave me the boost I needed to power through the last mile and a half.  

I had a bit of an internal debate before this race as to whether I should try to run through, or if I should take walk breaks.  I had a difficult training week last week, and the heat and humidity really had me doubting my running abilities.  On the day, it was so mild and lovely that I just decided to run it.  If I needed to walk, I was allowed, but running was the objective.  I ran it with no walk breaks, just 2 water stops, and a wardrobe change.  

I maintained my 11:40min/mile pace pretty well, and actually got faster as I ran more.  I finished the race in 1 hour, 12 minutes, and 2 seconds.

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