Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Quilt #5! Whew!

I've wanted to do another log cabin quilt for a long time, and I had this great fabric for the neutral... I LOVE the result of this attempt!  What a time saver the jelly roll is!!!

Quilt #4!

In addition to my crazy half marathon training, I'm making jelly roll quilts this year.  12 of them.  Here's quilt #4!!

I did another Jelly roll 1600 race.  I love this jelly roll, and wanted to highlight the fabrics and not cut them up.  I love it!  For the border I used a music notes fabric that I've been saving.  I love it!  So does Oxford!

Weeks 6 and 7 of 13.1 training!!

Wow.  Here we are!  I am amazed by the passage of time every single time I sit down to blog about my half marathon training.

Who's that pretty lady in the running Skirt?  It's me!!

I'm now in the thick of week 7 of my 13.1 training.  My long run this week is 10 miles.  TEN MILES!  I was amazed at 7, and I am STUNNED at the prospect of running 10. 

I love the Hal Higdon training program.  My week has changed a bit:  I have a bit more mid-week mileage now, but mileage only increases by 1 mile per week.  I do 2 three mile runs on Monday and Wednesday.  Tuesday is a five miler, and the long run is on Friday.  It's fun!  It's hard.  I love it!

We had a 3 miler to do on Monday, and when Oxford and I set out, it was just sunset, warm, humid.  Just after the half-way point it started to rain.  We've run this route in the rain before, so it was no biggie... Until it started raining so hard that I couldn't keep my eyes open, and there was this terrifying lightning/thunder clap combo that made Oxford's tail disappear.  We stopped and got under an awning to wait it out.  After about a half hour, I realized it wasn't going to stop, so when it died down a bit we hit the road again.  There were flooded intersections so bad that at one point Oxford lost his footing, and was actually swimming for a second.  He SPRINTED home, and was dragging me behind.  For a 14 pound dog, that is an accomplishment!

It was a good run, but my shoes are still wet!
My 9 mile training run was great on Friday!  It was tough, and the endurance thing is really the ticket to getting through.  My body was DONE at the end.  I did it, but wow.  I'm a little intimidated by the 10 miler coming up the day after tomorrow... We'll see how it goes!  I know I can do it... it's just a little daunting.  :)